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We help businesses remediate their EUC applications to minimize reputational and financial risk and maximize reliability and scalability.

Our EUC remediation process

Scope Assessment & Inventory Check

Understand the inventory of all business-critical Excel spreadsheets and Access databases

Compile EUC Register​

Create an official EUC Register including the EUC business and Technical owner

Technical & Business Risk

Involves a mixture of manual and automated analysis & grading techniques to determine technical complexity and level of business risk and financial exposure.

Implementation & Systems​

We highlight to managers what EUC controls & systems are required, from the prioritised remediation work that has been agreed

Remediation Plan

Devise remediation plans for at-risk EUC’s determined by an Audit Model Checklist


Ensure complete documentation, including changes log, user guide, system guide, and technical guides

EUC Remediation

To ensure compliance with stringent EUC policies, critical Excel EUCs must undergo comprehensive checks. These include verifying data accuracy, ensuring field headers are unchanged, and conducting data type assessments. We also implement version control, simplify tab designs, and provide detailed User and System documentation.

EUC Policy Audit Model and Checklist 

Our Excel Model evaluates EUC complexity and business criticality to determine the scope and required remediations for compliance. It features over 100 checks across key areas, targeting medium to highly complex EUCs with significant operational impacts. This comprehensive checklist ensures each EUC is robust, clear, and well-documented, making them safe for business-as-usual operations.

Implementing EUC Policy at the Senior Manager level 

We clearly outline to managers the necessary EUC controls required, such as data validation, VBA controls, User Guides, System Guides, and the implementation of change logs and version control. It is crucial for managers to allocate appropriate time in their schedules to ensure these important tasks are executed effectively.

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